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Sterling Silver Salvation Massage ChairSterling Silver Salvation - ONLY 4195!

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We now stock the brilliant Sterling Silver Salvation massage chair capable of MP3 music functions.

Massage Features

  • Kneading/Tapping/Rolling in Back and Neck with Speed and Width Adjustments
  • Air Massage Squeezes and Massages Calves, Feet, Legs & Buttocks
  • Sensor Massage System
  • Massage Setup Memory
  • Heated Back & Seat Massage
  • Vibrating Seat Massage
Additional Features
  • MP3 Player Hi-Fi Sound System
  • Removable Flash Memory Stick
  • VFD Handset
  • Headphones
  • Electronic Recline and Footrest

The Sterling Silver Salvation has many features that together make it one of the best chairs on the market to date.

Full Shiatsu Back Massage
The Sterling Silver Salvation uses rollers to mimic the hands of a massage therapist massaging your back. These rollers are adjustable so that you can control the width, strength and intensity of a massage. The rollers also fully support kneading, tapping, rolling and a combination massage.

Power Recline
At the touch of a button you can recline the chair to the perfect angle for you. The more reclined angle aids the rollers in getting into the problem areas of your back.

Full Leg and Seat Air Massage
A key function to most Sterling chairs is the airbag massage. With the Sterling Silver Salvation you are able to experience a full leg and seat shiatsu massage. The timed compression and depression of the airbags helps to increase circulation and increase the effectivness of the back massage.

MP3 Player Audio
The Sterling Silver Salvation massage chair comes complete with its own soundtrack! The built in MP3 player empowers you with the ability to relax to the music of your choosing. The USB flash drive is completely removable for connection to a PC, allowing you to download your own songs onto the drive. In addition the chair comes with a free set of high quality headphones.

Click Here to ORDER ONLINE!

ORDER NOW PHONE: 0800 7814766

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